About Me

Hey!  I’m Natalie and welcome to my blog.

The name She Loves Fiercely comes from a simple place; intense passion for the things that I love.  Whether it’s the fandoms I follow, the people in my life, or the causes that mean a lot to me, I love them all fiercely.  This is the third iteration of my blog, so let’s hope I’ve got it right this time!

I’m 29 years old, married, a cat-mom, and a new homeowner.  My top three fandoms are Harry Potter, The Sims, and Veronica Mars.  I love craft beer and go to about six beer-fests a year; some are lady-centric which is awesome.  On a Friday night you can catch me playing board games with our friends; we’re currently attempting to save the world in Pandemic Legacy, Season 2.  I also love to eat and I love to cook, but I cannot bake.  When I’m reading, which is often, I read mystery/suspense, romance/erotica, dark romance, trending new fiction, and some autobiographies.

I’m an intersectional feminist, but I’m still learning.  I try to be as vocal as I can be when it comes to feminist issues, and sometimes I end up in heated Twitter wars with conservative trolls.

I hope you enjoy my blog!  If something I post resonates with you, let me know!

Looking forward to being friends 🙂