Cooking: Campbell’s Pho Broth

Hey y’all!  In honour of this wild April freezing rain storm, I bring you a post about soup to keep you warm.

One (more) thing you should know about me, is that I love soup.  I love all kinds of soup.  I’ve been wanting to try this Campbell’s Pho Broth for a really long time and finally got a chance to.  This is NOT an ad for Campbell’s, they didn’t pay me for this, and they didn’t send me this box of broth or any of the ingredients.  However, Campbell’s if you’re reading this – I’d be happy to review your products if you send them to me! 😄


The box comes with a suggested recipe on the back, and I followed it pretty closely, but I did a few things differently.  I added mini baby bok choy and slices of carrots, I marinated the steak in hoisin and soy sauce, and I omitted the cilantro leaves because they taste like soap to me.

The whole meal was pretty easy to execute.  While the water was boiling for the rice noodles, I added the bok coy and the carrots to the pot of broth that was heating up.  Searing the steak to a nice medium rare was probably the trickiest part for me, because I’m notorious for overcooking beef, so Stephen helped me with that.  I will admit that I did undercook the rice noodles, but I think next time I’ll get thinner ones. Also next time, I think I’ll use two boxes of broth as one wasn’t enough for both of us to enjoy a filling, hearty bowl of soup.


The broth itself was a little bland compared to real pho from a Vietnamese restaurant, so I added more hoisin and sriracha than I normally would, but I will likely make make this again with the tweaks mentioned above.

Thanks, Campbell’s!


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