A Long Weekend in NYC, pt. 4

Day 4 – Dim Sum, Rice Pudding, Daytime Movies, & Delayed Flights

SNOW!  We woke up on Day 4 to a few centimetres of snow.  Obviously, being Canadian this didn’t bother us, but it sure threw LaGuardia for a loop.  Our WestJet flight leaving at 4:55pm was cancelled, so we had to rebook on a flight leaving that night or the next morning.  We chose to leave that night because we both had to work the next morning (and I couldn’t afford another night in NYC).  The flight we picked was supposed to leave at 7:50pm but instead left at 9:00pm after changing times at least five times.  Anyway, that gave us an extra four hours to kill, so here we go!

Luckily I bought a fantastic pair of winter boots at Nordstrom Rack on our first day i NYC so I was wonderfully prepared for the walk to our dim sum breakfast at Nom Wah Tea Parlour.  I did a bit of research before selecting our morning spot and was enticed by the fact that it’s the oldest dim sum place in the city.  We ordered giant pork buns, pork siu mai, Shanghainese soup dumplings, “OG” egg rolls, and CHICKEN FEET.  We severely underestimated how much food it was going to be, and we nearly had to be rolled out of the restaurant because of how full we were.  The pork buns were so huge and delicious, the soup dumplings were yum, the egg roll was tasty, and the CHICKEN FEET were gooey but great!  We’d both never had chicken feet before so it was interesting – they had good flavour but were kinda gelatinous.  I’d probably order them again!

After filling up, we headed back to the hotel to check out and store our bags (I also took pictures of my glam-frump #OOTD).  Our first stop of the day was Glossier. so Libby could get some make up swag.  While she was browsing, I had a lot of fun with the mirrors and trying their brow gel. Then on the recommendation of a friend, we headed to Rice to Riches for rice pudding (obvi).  This place was way more extra than what I was expecting.  The rice pudding was on display like ice cream at a parlour, it was awesome.  We sampled some and decided on Honey Graham topped with peaches in syrup, and Classic Vanilla topped with strawberry preserves and toasted pound cake.  There was SO MUCH rice pudding.  We picked a size that was supposed to serve 1 to 2 people, but it was sooo much we maybe ate a third of it.

After packing in the rice pudding we headed to milkbar again, and this time I remembered to bring my lactose pills and finally was able to try a real birthday cake latte.  It was sooo yummy.  We still had a few hours to kill so we decided to hit up Alamo Drafthouse and see Black Panther.  This was my first time at an Alamo but second time seeing Black Panther.  This was Libby’s first time seeing Black Panther but not the first time at an Alamo.  It was an experience for everyone!  Of course Black Panther was amazing, and being able to order beer and incredible popcorn at the same time made it even better.  I want to see Black Panther again, and I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

IMG_4137After the movie, we headed back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, hailed an Uber and headed to the airport.  Our departure time had moved forward and backward THREE times while we were in the movie alone, so we decided just to get to the airport in case it jumped forward again.  The airport was the airport, nothing excited to write about except for horrible food service and a child screaming their face off.  I guess the only exciting thing was that we had upgraded our seats and had way more leg room than on the way home.  We thought we would get more snacks, but we were mistaken.  Maybe next time!

This was an incredible trip and there were a ton of things we didn’t get to this time around (like Brooklyn Bowl, a slew of restaurants and bars, like five other craft breweries, etc).  We’re tentatively planning to go back in November (maybe with our husbands) to see Harry Potter: A History of Magic at the New York Historical Society.

Thank you, NYC for the best weekend of 2018 so far!  And thank you for reading my very long and sometimes delayed posts!

Toots! ✌️


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