A Long Weekend in NYC, pt. 3

Day 3 – Bottomless Brunch, Craft Beer, Improv, & Cocktails

Day 3 was PACKED with adventure.  Our morning started with probably the most delicious almond milk latte I’ve ever had from Woops Bakeshop – it was SO good.  Woops is a cute as frig shop with a bunch of locations across the USA.  We both got lattes, and Libby got 6 macarons in a variety of cool flavours like PB&J, London Fog, and Love Rocks.  With lattes in hand, we walked a short distance to Baby’s All Right for bottomless brunch.  I have to look at the menus of restaurants or bars before I get there because I’m the most indecisive person ever when it comes to food and I need a lot of time to think about it.  But that means I usually know what I want as soon as I sit down – unless there’s a special or they’ve run out of what I wanted to order, then that ruins everything.  LUCKILY, there weren’t any surprises when I ordered the Grits N’ Thing and it was as delicious as I had hoped it would be.  Libby ordered the Spicy Eggs with Chorizo, which was equally as good.  We both loaded up on Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas – their Bloody Mary was YUM, but it would have been even better as a Caesar with Clamato juice.

After brunch, we again found room in our dessert stomachs and walked over to milkbar’s Williamsburg location.  I remembered to bring my lactose pills that morning, so I ordered a strawberry & corn milkquake.  The strawberries were kind of tart and combined with the buttery sweetness of the corn cookie, it was a darn good treat.  Next stop for us was Brooklyn Brewery where we sandwiched a tour between a couple of beers.  One thing that Libby and I realized is that brewery tours are kinda boring, but drinking the beer is fun.  We both tried different styles, which was nice because we only get the Brooklyn Lager in Ontario.

After the brewery we headed back to Brooklyn Museum to finally see The Dinner Party.  It was really inspiring to walk around, take in the place settings, and read about the women featured, though I deliberately skipped over admiring the place setting for racist Susan B Anthony.  Once we felt fully empowered, we headed back to the hotel where we took in the views of Chinatown and beyond from the roof top bar, and then headed out to Upright Citizens Brigade for some improv.

We saw ASSSSCAT 3000, which was pretty ridiculous but very funny.  UCB had just recently moved into a new theatre yet and they didn’t have their liquor license yet so we had to settle for water instead of beer.  HOWEVER, we were going to get $3 PBR so it ended up being pretty much the same thing, HA!  After the show we realized we were both starving, so we headed in the direction of San Marzano with the intention of filling up on delicious $9 fresh pasta.  Unfortunately we got very confused with the subway (the D and the F were operating on each other’s lines) and arrived at the restaurant late so they refused to seat us.  Thankfully there was another Italian restaurant around the corner open until 1am.  The moment we walked into Via Della Pace, it was like we had stepped into Italy – it was so cute and quaint.  We shared a half litre of Chianti, a platter of bruschetta, and indulged our pasta cravings.

We were determined to go to at least one speak-easy while in NYC and that’s what we did next.  First we tried to Angel’s Share, which is hidden through an unmarked door of a Japanese restaurant, but it was pretty crowded and seemed a little gimicky.  We missed making a reservation at Please Don’t Tell so our next choice was Death & Co.  There was a waiting list to get in so we put our name down and headed around the corner to Miss Lily’s.  Like San Marzano they were about to close, but unlike San Marzano, they let us sit down and order a cocktail – so thank you Miss Lily’s!  Just before we finished our drinks at Miss Lily’s we got the text from Death & Co that our table was ready.  Overall, Death & Co was fantastic – the cocktails were good, the hosts and bartenders were super friendly, and the atmosphere was cool as hell.  The ONLY thing that rubbed me the wrong way, was when we were waiting to put our name down, a group of girls who didn’t look a day over 17 stumbled out of the bar visibly intoxicated.  So that left me feeling super weird, especially when our ID’s were inspected before we were brought inside.  Maybe I’m just at the point in my life where 21 year old’s look like babies.  Ugh, rough.  Anyway, after enjoying our cocktails, we took an Uber back to the hotel because we had walked 14.5km all day and our feet were killing us.

OKAY.  So that’s Day 3!  It was a busy day, so apologies for any rambling.  I’ll post Day 4 tomorrow!

Toodles Noodles!


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