A Long Weekend in NYC, pt. 2

Day 2 – Face Masks, Blow Outs, Cursed Child, & Ramen

Day 2 started with fluffy robes and sheet masks.  This was my first experience with sheet masks and now I want to do them all the time.  After getting dressed and putting our faces on, we headed out to Dry Bar in Hell’s Kitchen for blow outs.  We were initially so excited to get our hair done because we both opted in for the additional Floater scalp massage.  However, while I can’t speak for Libby, I left feeling slightly disappointed; our appointments were delayed and we didn’t get our scalp massages.  We were both really looking forward to them, and it wasn’t even explained to us why.  I likely wouldn’t have even said anything in this blog post, but after our appointments we were invited to complete a survey, soooo I shared my disappointment but have yet to get a response!

Anyway!  We didn’t let that get us down because we had Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to look forward to!  I can’t say much about it, because we were instructed to #KeepTheSecrets, so I will only say that it is 10000000% worth seeing.  I liked the script when I read it, but I didn’t LOVE it like I loved books 1 through 7.  The play changed EVERYTHING for me.  The best part (that I think I’m allowed to mention) is that the original London actors were in their title roles, and I wasn’t expecting that.  They also served FROSÉ IN ADULT SIPPY CUPS!  It was delicious.  I think the most amazing thing about the whole experience was how little we knew about it before walking in.

Since the play was broken up into two parts, during the break we went to Ippudo NY for dinner.  HOLY MOLY this was freaking good ramen.  I ordered the Akamaru Modern ramen that comes with Ippudo’s secret “umami dama” miso paste and garlic oil.  I’m drooling just thinking about it, kicking myself for not getting a better picture (I was hungry), and sad that there isn’t a location here.  After incredibly filling dinner, we found our dessert stomachs and headed to Magnolia Bakery for their famous banana pudding.  There was, understandably, a line around the corner to get in, but it moved fast and we were able to get our fill before heading back to the theatre.

After the final curtain, and after I cried, we headed back to the hotel to take advantage of the free drink tickets we had to the hotel’s roof top bar.  The cocktails were tasty, the music was loud, and there were a lot of young people.  We used the down time to update social media (where I learned that you can only put 30 hashtags into a single Instagram post) and plot our route in Brooklyn for the following day.

Overall, Day 2 in NYC was a success!  Day 3, our FULL day in Brooklyn, will be up tomorrow and don’t miss our adventures from Day 1!

Toodles Noodles!

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