BIG BEER POST: Playing Catch Up

Hi y’all!  Apologies for being MIA.  My real life got busy and I struggled with finding motivation for a couple weeks.  In this catch up post, I’m going to share with you: two Women in Beer reviews, Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Bevy 0038 recap, and a Publican House Brewery highlight.  Onwards!

Women in Beer: Sleeping Giant Skull Rock Stout, 5.1% ABV / 30 IBU


I already wrote about Sleeping Giant when I reviewed their Northern Logger, so I’ll just jump right into the beer review!  Skull Rock is an oatmeal stout that uses six different malts, actual rolled oats in the mash, and a single aromatic English Hop to give it it’s balanced complexity.  It’s slightly sweet with a rich grain and chocolate flavour.  I had this with dinner a couple of weeks ago, and I was excited to try it because I’ve always told myself (and other people) that I prefer dark beer.  While this beer was fine, I don’t think dark beers are my thing anymore.  Skull Rock was indeed chocolaty, and had a unique taste to it that is enjoyable, but I’ve learned that chocolate is not a flavour I want in my beer.  For me, I would drink this as a tasting beer to go with a nice meaty dinner, but I wouldn’t choose this to drink during a board game night with my friends. 🍺🍺🍺

Women in Beer: Kölsh Lagered Ale, 4.8% ABV / 20 IBU


Steamworks Brewery is a unique brewery in Vancouver, BC.  When they took possession of their Gastown brewpub they discovered the building had a rare steam heating system, and the same pipes that run under their pub are the same that power Gastown’s historic clock.  They decided to use the steam pipes to their advantage and created the first in Canada steam fired brewery.  Brewmaster Julia Hanlon and her brewteam continue to produce the quality craft beers, like their Flagship IPA (Best In Show & Best IPA, 2016 BC Brewing Awards).  Unfortunately for me, the LCBO I went to didn’t have their Flagship IPA so I went with their Kölsh Lagered Ale instead.  The Kölsh Lagered Ale is fermented like an ale but matured like a lager, and has a low but balanced bitterness and a light to medium body.  I enjoyed this one!  It went down easy, and didn’t overpower my taste buds.  It’s nice, light, and refreshing.  I’d definitely drink this one again. 🍺🍺🍺🍺

Society Of Beer Drinking Ladies: Bevy 0038

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies hosted their Bevy 0038 on Friday and it was a blast.  Oast House Brewers & Haliburton Highlands Brewing were the featured breweries and each made a specialty bevy brew.   Libby and I wore red/black plaid again and accidentally matched.  Once we get Elisa a plaid shirt, I think it’ll become our SOBDL event uniform.  We were also one of the first 80 people to arrive so we each got a sweet glass from Backyard Beer Tours.

The first beer I tried was Haliburton Highland’s Spring Blush Golden Ale (5% ABV, 16 IBU), and it was very fragrant.  I have a rose scented soap bar in one of my bathrooms at home and the smell was almost exact.  However, I didn’t find that the beer tasted like soap, which was nice.  It smelled like flowers more than it tasted like flowers – the blue lavender and red rose petals really came through.  Next I tried Haliburton Highlands BEVY BREW Smooth Hoperator (5% ABV, 29 IBU).  It’s name definitely did it justice, it was smooth and hoppy – my fave!  Next was Oast House Brewers’ BEVY BREW Orange CranLime Pale Ale (ABV & IBU content unavailable).  I normally don’t enjoy fruity beers, and the name of this one alone was almost enough to turn me off, BUT I tried it AND I liked it!  I liked it so much I finished my glass before I remembered to take a photo of it.  My last choice was Oast House Brewers’ Full Orchard Farmhouse IPA (6.1% ABV, 70 IBU).  It went against my soft rule of drinking nothing over 6.0% at Bevy’s and ‘Fests, but it was delicious and I’m happy I broke the rules a little.  In between the above beers, I whet my whistle with my second fave Oast House Brewers’ Barn Raiser Country Ale (5% ABV, 16 IBU).

Publican House Brewery: Beer Flight

On St. Patrick’s Day, a few friends and I took a road trip up to Peterborough to visit a good friend for her birthday and we went to Publican House Brewery for lunch.  I ordered a beer flight that included two Publican brews (Henry’s Irish Ale, Square Nail Pale Ale) and two guest brews (a cream ale and a baltic porter).  Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the full names of the guest brews in my phone because I thought I could go online to their beer menu and pull the details from there, BUT their menu currently doesn’t have these particular beers listed.  Sorry about that!  I enjoyed all of them, but I think I preferred the Square Nail the best (5.5% ABV, 42.5 IBU).

I’ve tried Publican House brews a number of times; at Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival and from visiting the brewery.  They’ve got a well rounded selection of beers, and the food at their Brew Pub is pretty good too.  On St. Paddy’s Day they were featuring oysters from Galway, so I had to try them – they were strong in flavour (very sea-y) but crazy good.  The Brew Pub showcases their specials on their Instagram and some of them have me drooling right now.  It was a fantastic day in PTBO!

Okay, I think that’s it!  I promise to not go two weeks between posting again, AND I swear I’ll try and post about something other than beer.  However, if beer is why you read my little blog, then you’ll be happy to hear that I’m going to continue with the beer features, probably in a bi-weekly format.  The next Society Of Beer Drinking Ladies Fest is June 2nd, so stay-tuned for that, Libby will be on her honeymoon, but Elisa and I will be there!

Next Friday, Libby and I are headed to NYC for a few days, so expect a big post full of plays, comedy, food, beer, and fun when we get back!

Cheers! 🍻

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