Feature: Women in Craft Beer, Northern Logger

Brewery: Sleeping Giant Brewing Company

Beer: Northern Logger, 4.9% ABV / 17 IBU

Where: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Who: Andrea Mulligan, Owner & CFO

Andrea Mulligan started Sleeping Giant Brewing with her husband because they wanted to educate their community of Thunder Bay, Ontario about craft beer.  They had been home brewing their own beer for a while before they created Sleeping Giant, so they knew what they were doing.

Sleeping Giant is located on the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Superior, and is just a few minutes away from Canada Malting Co. so they get both their water and malt locally.  They draw inspiration for their craft beers from the surrounding wildness and rich Canadian heritage, and to ensure that nature is preserved they have a number of sustainable practices in place.

I really enjoyed the Northern Logger.  It was crisp, refreshing, and had a nice light hoppy taste.  It’s definitely a beer that I could enjoy on a long night of playing board games with our friends.  I’m glad I found this beer and am definitely adding it into my rotation!

Next Thursday: The Granite Galactic Pale Ale

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