Feature: Women in Craft Beer, Intro

IMG_3482I love beer.  I especially love craft beer.  I’ve been thinking about doing a “Beer of the Week” feature for a little while, but wasn’t too sure on how to start it.  When I realized that Women’s History Month was about to start in the USA and that International Women’s Day was also around the corner (Thursday March 8th), I knew exactly how I wanted to kick off my beer features.

Every Thursday I’ll be featuring a new craft beer, and for the month of March these beers will be either brewed by women or from breweries that were founded by women.

Since there are five Thursdays in March, here are the five beers I’ll be featuring:

  1. Sleeping Giant, Northern Logger
  2. Granite Brewery, Galactic Pale Ale
  3. Sleeping Giant, Skull Rock Stout
  4. Steamworks Brewing Company, Kölsch Lagered Ale
  5. Sleeping Giant, 360 Pale Ale

* This list will be updated with links as the posts go up!

Stay tuned for the first beer feature tomorrow!

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