First Post: Listen to this Podcast

If you haven’t listened to 2 Dope Queens, you need to stop reading this silly blog post right now and go listen to at least 3 episodes.

If you listened to it, you know what I’m talking about.  Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are freaking amazing.  I’ve listened to two and a half seasons in the past six days.  I love hearing a new stand up comic each time I listen, and the special guests they chat with are always fantastic – the interviews never sound forced and their guests genuinely want to be there.  I listen to the podcast primarily on my commute to and from work (an hour each way), and I can only hope the other drivers are jealous about how much of a good time I’m having in my car by myself.

Jessica and Phoebe are both just so relatable, though Jessica reminds me most of myself.  Mostly because I’m equally as obsessed with and invested in Harry Potter and The Sims as she is and when she talks about either, I feel so freaking validated.

Their HBO special aired on Friday and I was HOWLING.  Michelle Buteau was so freaking incredible, I can’t wait for her new podcast to air.

I’m going to NYC over Easter with one of my best friends and I’ve been checking everyday to see if 2 Dope Queens is starting their Brooklyn shows again, but alas nothing yet.

Anywho.  Listen to 2 Dope Queens if you haven’t already.  I swear it’ll be a good time.

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